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20110123 Relationship between Root Activity and Leaf Senescence in Different Adzuki Bean Cultivars (lines) 宋慧 2011,31(11):93-98 8250
20110032 Morphology and Histochemistry of the Glandular Trichomes of Isodon rubescens (Hemsley) H. Hara [Lamiaceae] 刘孟奇 2011,31(11):45-50 7185
20120433 Research Advancement of 14-3-3 Proteins in Plants CUI Na1,2,YU Zhi-hai1,HAN Ming-li1,DONG Xue-fei1,QU Bo1,LI Tian-lai2 2012,32(4):843-851 6391
20120732 Multiple Regulation Mechanisms of MEP Pathway in Plant ZHANG Songtao,CHEN Hongli,CUI Hong,YANG Huijuan,LIU Guoshun* 2012,32(7):1500-1504 6122
20110024 Characteristics of the Populations Age Structureof Three Typical Plantin Kumtag Desert 袁宏波,ZHANG Jin-chun,CHU Jian-min,TANG Jin-nian,DING Feng and LIu1 Shu-juan 2011,31(11):0-0 6070
20110100 New Observation on Multiformity of the Antheridium in Onoclea sensibilis WANG Xin,GUO Jian,GUO Meng-qiao and 2011,31(11):88-92 5931
200908300 Paris polyphylla var.panxiensis (Trilliaceae), A New Variety from Sichuan,China 刘建林 2009,29(8):- 5791
20110131 Effects of the Growth Habitat on the Content of Soluable Protein in Aromatic Rice Grains 邓 猛 2011,31(11):99-105 5730
20121015 Pretreatment Reagents for Hyacinthus Root Tip and Karyotype Analysis HU Feng-rong,WANG Fei,BAO Ren-lei,XIE Wei-ran 2012,32(10):2030-2034 5691
20110084 Characteristics of Photosynthesis and Chlorophyll Fluorescence in Portulaca oleracea with NaCl Stress Wang Mao-wen,DING Hai-rong,ZHU Xiao-mei,LIU Chong,XING Jing-cheng and ZHAO Bao-quan 2011,31(11):0-0 5626
20110013 A New Form of Hepatica henryi (Oliv.) Steward LI Xiao-Dong,ZAN Yan-Yan,LIU Hong-Tao and 2011,31(11):1-2 5498
200908270 Isolation and Expression of a Gene Encoding CBF/DREB1 Transcription Factor from Chorispora bungeana 杨同文,王红星,刘天学,李潮海 2009,29(8):- 5405
20130232 Research Progress on Relationship of PPR Proteins with RNA Editing HE Peng,CHEN Haiyan,YU Jianing* 2013,33(2):415-421 5289
200908271 Cloning and Sequence Analysis of Cold-induced H1-histone Gene from Camellia sinensis 房婉萍,邹中伟,侯喜林,张定,段云裳,杨亦扬,黎星辉 2009,29(8):- 5284
20110027 Growth, Development and Flower Differentiation of wild Primula maximowiczii TANG Ming,YOU Xiao-Hui,MU Hui-Li,MAO Juan-juan, and ZHANG Qi-Xiang 2011,31(11):33-38 5281
200908303 Advances on Carriers of Plant Polar Auxin Transport 李运合,孙光明,吴蓓 2009,29(8):- 5269
20110030 Blechnidium Moore——a New Record Genus of Pteridophytes in Guizhou Province zhaojunhua, and panlutai 2011,31(11):3-6 5255
200908294 Winter Wheat Yield and Soil Nutriments Affected by Organic Fertilizer in Loess Plateau East of Gansu 张建军,樊廷录,王勇,唐小明,党翼 2009,29(8):- 5120
200908283 Karyotypes of Three Taxa in Pseudoroegneria (Poaceae:Triticeae) 于海清,丁春邦,周永红 2009,29(8):- 4981
20140730 Biosynthesis Metabolic Pathway and Molecular Regulation of Plants Anthocyanin JIA Zhaodong1,2,MA Peiyong1,BIAN Xiaofeng1,YANG Qing2,GUO Xiaoding1,XIE Yizhi1* 2014,34(7):1496-1506 4911
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