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Cinnamaldehyde ameliorates selenium stress by regulating PAO-H2O2 system in Brassica rapa 待定
Divergence in growth and nutrient content of different forest ages and forest management models in Fujian Cypress 2022年第3期 
Tree-ring Width Chronology Characteristics of Different Conifers and their Relationship with Climate Factors on Yulong Snow Mountain, Northwestern Yunnan 2022年第2期 
Activity of flavane-3-ol Synthetase and expression characteristics of related genes in "Chardonnay" Grape Fruit 2022年第2期 
Morphological analysis and molecular identification of filamentous cyanobacteria from Jinyang Lake 2022年第2期 
Prediction of Suitable Region of Huperzia serrata Based on Ensemble Model in China 2022年第2期 
Characteristics of Manganese Accumulation and Physiological Response of Rhus chinensis under Manganese Stress 待定
Leaf photosynthetic responses to warming and precipitation reduction ofthree dominant species in Horqin sandy land 2022年第2期 
Progress in Quantitative Analysis of Bioactive Amino Acid β-ODAP in Lathyrus sativus 2022年第2期 
Identification of NACA Gene Family in Rice and Study on The Function of NACA2 2022年第2期 
brief Introduction of Lathyrus cultivation and Using in Turkey(山黧豆专辑) 2022年第2期 
Spatial Distribution of Phytoplankton Community and Its Response to Environmental Factors during Ice-sealed Period in Lake Ulansuhai 2022年第2期 
Molecular Cloning and Expression Analysis of CjMYB1 in Camellia japonica 2022年第2期 
Thermotolerance Analysis of Heat Shock Transcription Factor TaHsfA2-5 in Wheat 待定
Effects of exogenous hydrogen sulfide and salicylic acid on growth and physiological characteristics of processing tomato seedlings under salt stress 待定
Study of BnMYC2 Cloning and Resistance to Insect StressJIANG Qian1#, YANG Yao1#, GOU Qixian1, ZHI Shouchuan1, LENG Junjiao1, LI Yilin1, LI Zhuang1,2* 2022年第2期 
Expression Profiles and Recombinant Expression of PgUGT in Pomegranate 2022年第2期 
Identification and Expression Analysis of the WOX Gene Family in Glycyrrhiza uralensis Fisch. 2022年第2期 
Identification and Expression Analysis of the Pht1 Gene Family in Glycurrhiza uralensis Fisch. 2022年第2期 
The Enrichment Characteristics and Photosynthesis Physiological Responses of Raphanus sativus to Uranium and Its Associated Metal Cadmium 2022年第2期 
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